Learn French: Beat French With Statistics!

How to use statistics to learn French quickly and efficiently?

Some people say there’s no shortcut to learn a language. The only and most efficient way is indeed practice or immersion. But many French learners study in textbooks. French people just speak a different way every day. Whereas it is word, expressions or structures, everyday spoken French is often very different from what you expect. Not only the quality is different but the quantity also. For example, It’s a common idea that we only use only 3000 words or 10% of the 10000+ we know. Using Gauss curve we can say that 80% of what you can expect to listen in France is spoken French, 10% will be very formal and 10% slang I think the same applies with Pareto law. 80% of what you learn in books will be different in daily French.

Thanks to my experience with my students and as a native, I know most of the time we don’t use some expression taught in textbooks. Not only expressions, but structures and pronunciation. I gathered the most common cases in this book. I really think it will save time to any Beginner in French but also a handy reference for any advanced learner. Let me know what you think!

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The book is divided in four parts, here is the summary

    1. Suffixes and prefixes
    2. Nominalization
    3. Collocations
    4. Phrases statistics
    1. Auxiliaries
    2. Tenses
    3. The most frequent verbs
    1. Esaitnrulo
    2. Liaisons
    3. French sounds in English
    4. Intonation/Prosodie
    1. The most used French words (frequency list)
    2. French-English cognates
    3. English words in French
    4. Gender statistics

Save yourself time and energy and get the book on Amazon!
Available in digital and paperback format

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