How to answer to someone saying Merci?

It’s basic French and useful French words: How to say ”You are welcome” when someone tells you ”Merci” in french? Here is the most common ways to answer in french:

  • de rien
  • il n’y a pas de quoi > y a pas d’quoi
  • je vous en prie > j’vous en prie
  • avec plaisir
  • DE RIEN: standard language , use it with your friends and family.
  • Y A PAS D’QUOI: More polite, but not enough to use it with olders, unknowns, clients or business partners.
  • J’VOUS EN PRIE/ J’T’EN PRIE Very polite, and actually the right translation of ”you’re welcome”. It can be used with everyone.
  • AVEC PLAISIR: It’s not exactly the same meaning but it can be used sometimes when in deed, you help somebody and you liked it. It can also be used when someone is asking you if you want to do this or that. If you think you’ll enjoy it, just answer ”avec plaisir”

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