Why French Are Not Good At Languages And How You Can Use This To Improve Your French

French are not good with language (even English seems to be a big concern, look at me). For example, when they speak English they look like even if they know, they don’t want to make the effort. When tourists ask their way in Paris it’s famous that it’s hard to find someone speaking English. Businessmen too, they can sometimes speak a good English but with an awful accent.

It’s a shame, and they are victims.

When I was a student and went to Germany and traveled in Germany with my classmates, I was surprised to see that US movies on the TV were not dubbed but in the original version. Although it’s not the only reason germans speak a very good English (their language is way similar to English), I felt frustrated because I didn’t have this chance in France. When I was a kid, I always wondered why characters’ mouth move a different way their words came out.

Yes, in France, ALL foreign programs are dubbed. I feel like French are so lazy to learn a new language that they work even more by dubbing each program and movie (by the way, it’s an art, and they are really talented people doing this…wait, is it why movie tickets are so expensive?). And back then, we didn’t even have this option on TV allowing us to switch to the original version.

Also, foreign brand names are all pronounced with a French accent. I never knew why. Companies that have billions only focus on hiring a stupid french voice saying:

Maque Donahld instead of mèc donoldz (McDonald’s)

And much more…

Nowadays, things changed a bit and kids learn English early, but they don’t get exposed a lot.

As a conclusion, in order to sound French, two solutions:

  • get exposed the more you can to the French language. (Passive study=listen to the radio even if you don’t understand anything.)
  • Buy a method to learn intuitively (oral method), and practice, on and on.

Don't get fooled again!

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