Passive Learning Vs Active Learning

I really think this is the key to learn French faster.   A lot of tips to learn French quickly are about ”watch videos”, ”listen to audio podcasts”, ”read newspapers”. Because of technology and easy access to information, people nowadays tend to become lazy, by just consuming medias. Yes, it’s easy. But not very efficient if it’s not combined with practice. Practice makes perfect. Of course. We tend to avoid this and become zombies looking videos and clicking buttons on Ipads. But practice is the final goal, and the most effective way to achieve it.   Passiveness is trendy. Because we have so many around us. We are rich. We have all that we can imagine and even more. Because we can’t focus on everything, we focus on nothing . The mind is very clever, so much that it finds ways to avoid working, and that’s why laziness can be smart.

But to improve language, you need practice, and start a routine with learning French. Even if you can’t afford online French lessons, you can find many language partners online, and find several to practice 3-4 times a week. 15 minutes a time is enough to start active learning. If not possible, say out loud every exercise you study on, every book you read. It’s enough to start being active.   Grown-ups tend to think too much but a kid just repeats things that he doesn’t even understand. This makes a big difference. While we want to know everything ,understand every rule in order to memorize them, kids don’t know what a rule is. And this way they improve very fast! As I already said, we think our brain is developed so we want to use our mind to save time and learn faster.  But all brain and body is finally one thing, it’s not separated. So let’s don’t be afraid of talking alone or repeating something we don’t even know the meaning because it will help us a lot!

Don't get fooled again!

"The most COMMON MISTAKES of French Learners!"

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