How Much Do You Need To Be Smart To Learn French? #2

Learn what you are told and stop asking why. The first article is here and maybe it’s better to say: How much do you need to be stupid to learn French?   We are adults, want to live according reasonable and considered choices. We want to choose consciously. That’s why we want to know “why”….. To be curious is a very good quality. It makes us clever because we are able to see the cause and the consequence of something. A brain is to be used. By asking why, we can recognize patterns, and it can be sometimes a very useful shortcut, for example for the rules of any language.

But at the same time,  ‘whys’ sometimes prevent us going ahead.

Because we want clear choices, we don’t want to be tricked so we use the tool ‘why’ to know more about something before acting. In the case of French, there are a lot of rules but unfortunately also a lot of exceptions. We also say “the exceptions proves the rule” in French: “C’est l’exception qui confirme la règle”.   The French language is full of ‘whys’ and it doesn’t always make sense. French sounds hard also while it’s conjugation, pronunciation or grammar, knowing how to use “bien/bon”, “mieux/meilleur”,  to pronounce “tous” or “plus” with or without the “S”, or conjugate a verb that has 3 different stems. All these hard things that you want to dig into you can forget them and be sure that with time you will either find out the answer, or master them without knowing how you did it, like kids do. Time is our best ally. We often want to know why before learning  and that’s dangerous. Some people may be more reluctant than the others, but if you really want to move forward you need to forget the ‘whys’ more often than you do actually. Life and progress is a matter of action. Thinking too much avoids action. Remove the ‘whys’, just learn what you are told, and be sure you will succeed!

Don't get fooled again!

"The most COMMON MISTAKES of French Learners!"

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