Learn French Online: How To Find The Right Online Tutor?

Thinking about this can help you to save time.

Many students don’t really know what they are looking for. Why are you looking for a tutor? To practice? To learn? To rely on someone? To release yourself from studying hard? Or someone to guide you? Many students don’t really know what they need. Everybody wants to improve their language skills and be confident. Do you really need grammar? Pronunciation? Communication skills? You need to be sure about what you need, it will be easier for the tutor to help you.

What kind of online teacher should you choose?

Choosing a tutor is a matter of good match. Not only the teacher should be good enough to understand your needs, but also match your personality. On your side the more you are a dedicated student the more the teacher will be able to help you.

The choice is about your availabilities, your level, what you are looking for. And teachers are teachers but have also their teaching style and since they are humans they have their own personality. That’s important for you to feel good with a teacher who understands you and with whom you feel at ease. In the process of learning a language, we never lack materials or methods. What we need on the other hand is to have someone who keeps you motivated along the process.

A good teacher for you

There is a better teacher for every student and since maybe it’s your first time learning online, you should try several tutors. If you can afford it, it’s also good to have 2 or 3 different tutors. This will help to have a more precise idea about French people, accents, vocabulary, etc. It’s all benefits for you. Having several tutors can also give you differents styles of teaching methods, structured classes or more conversational ones. This way you will never get bored of any of them.

You should also prepare a list of questions or something to tell your teacher. Some teachers are passionates but not yet experienced (I was too). It’s not because a teacher seems inexperienced that its personality will not suit you, and that he/she can’t help you. Every situation is different, so in order to break the ice and save time, you should prepare something to say. The teacher is here to help but you have to show first what you know (or don’t). However, a good teacher knows how to break the ice and make you feel at ease.

The last thing that I want to tell you is that a French online tutor is a bit like a French method. No method is the best for everyone, and no method is the best for all levels. It means that according to your level or where you are in the learning process, there will be the perfect teacher for this situation. It means that you should think regularly about what is your actual goal and check that it’s still the right method for you.

I hope these few lines will help you. Feel free to contact me for any question!

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2 thoughts on “Learn French Online: How To Find The Right Online Tutor?”

  1. This is helpful, Jean. I want to try again with an online tutor, and it’s useful to know what to prepare. It must be hard to pull information out of a student when they have limited confidence in French.

    1. I’m glad you find this helpful Ian! I think that usually the first step is the hardest and maybe it’s the same when deciding to take online lessons 🙂

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