What is the value of Futur Proche in French?

French Future Proche (near future) is different from Futur Simple. Although they apparently both express future events, they can also express more subtle ideas. French conjugation and tenses are always a bit tricky. But once you know how to conjugate a tense the good thing is you can use it not only to express the tense itself but for a lot of ideas. That is so useful to know and I will tell you here the different values of Futur Proche tense in French. Let’s first review how to conjugate the Futur Proche in French. Pretty easy:


Futur Proche in French is made using the verb aller at present tense of indicative, followed by the infinitive of the verb that you want to use.

Example: je vais arriver dans 10 minutes.

Values of Futur Proche in French

With the Futur Proche you can:

  • express a fact that is going to happen, immediate speech (ma soeur Louise va avoir un bébé)
  • express an outcome, a consequence (il va certainement pleuvoir)
  • give a command (vous allez m’écouter)

This is short compared to other tenses, however we use this tense a lot in French. It is a thing you need to master and you will do it quickly I am sure!

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