Learn French, Learn From Frogs!

I can speak French because I learned from frogs.

One of the best solutions to learn french efficiently is to have the time on your side. We don’t need much time. That’s an illusion because nobody seems to have time nowadays (see quality vs quantity, and learn French with a tomato). Instead, you have to put yourself and the time on the same team. That’s so powerful but only a few people understand that.

I bet you heard about the frog’s story. You put a frog in a round plate filled with water and you heat the plate. Because the temperature of the water is increasing very slowly, the frog doesn’t realize there is a danger and it will die without having a chance to realize it could avoid it. It’s a sad story for the frog. How about we change the frog with you and the water by french language? Sounds more positive. Learning french is not about having time. It’s about dailycommitment and all you need is ten minutes.

Ten minutes makes the difference in a 3 month time. Yes, it makes about a whole week of study. But even more, if you study a whole week you will maybe not remember a few month later. If you study 10 minutes every day, it’s deep learning.

Now look at this graphic. You know what is compound interests. If you start now and if you are regular in your investment, you will be very far without noticing it. It makes the whole process effortless. And it even works for lazy people, because even the small step counts. Like money, time is a good slave but a bad master, if time controls you, it’s over. Instead, if you know how to use it, you will be more likely to achieve every single thing that you begin. It’s really as simple as that! I know sometimes you don’t feel motivated, we all have ups and downs. Don’t think too big. If you manage to do 5 minutes a day for a few months that will be very good! That’s why we need small steps. In case you don’t feel in a good day, you can still do it. And if you feel good, let’s do more !

Taking action now is having the time with you. 10 minutes sounds not much but it will be a huge gap between you and the one who didn’t study for 10 minutes. (Need a bit of motivation? Contact me here!)

More than having a lot of free time, using the little that you have is very effective. Think about it because as I was told, every single people in the world has the same amount of time in a day: 24h

Don't get fooled again!

"The most COMMON MISTAKES of French Learners!"

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