French Vocab: The Most Used Verbs In French

Knowing the most frequent French verbs is necessary to save time since conjugation can be tricky in French. Learning the 10-20 first verbs will allow you to express the most common things in French.

As you can see the most used French verbs are…..irregular ones!

Here is the 20 first most frequent verbs in French.

  1. Être
  2. Avoir
  3. Pouvoir
  4. Faire
  5. Mettre
  6. Dire
  7. Devoir
  8. Prendre
  9. Donner
  10. Aller
  11. Vouloir
  12. Savoir
  13. Falloir
  14. Voir
  15. Demander
  16. Trouver
  17. Rendre
  18. Venir
  19. Passer
  20. Comprendre

Don't get fooled again!

"The most COMMON MISTAKES of French Learners!"

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