You Can Speak French Too!

Learn french by imitation

I always thought that imitation is the key to a good French accent. Trying to be in others shoes, imitate their attitude in a fun way. Fake it until you make it. Listen other people bad French accent is also a good technique since you can compare and realize how (good or bad) you sound. French pronunciation is tricky, but artists are crazy and dare everything and that’s how they improve their expression.

The time I spend in Korea allows me to discover amazing people, and we can see that they know France a lot better than French know Korea.


The song called “Nuit de Folie” is a French song from 1988 by “Début de soirée”. Every French people know it because it was such a success that it’s now a classic for all kind of events.

This Korean band made a fun cover but I actually don’t understand what they say in French, and we feel they did it for fun and don’t understand what they sing. That’s a good work anyway because it’s not easy to sing in a foreign language you don’t know anything about.

Original song is even weirder that the cover, old 80’s style makes it funny or ridiculous now:

This is a OST of a Korean drama. The original song is in Korean by a famous Korean singer Shim Su Bong. Yes, it’s French (except the last sentence).

No need to introduce the following, it’s a really great performance and a really great work of imitation.

For Kpop fans, you can see famous Kpop bands say some words in French! Some are really good!


In this Korean Drama, I think she speaks….French? The French pronunciation is awful, really. Of course she doesn’t understand a single word of what she’s saying. But the thing is, her French coach gave her very useful tips about French pronunciation because her intonation is very good, and I think she worked hard for that. And it’s a tip everyone learning French should know. French Grammar is not the point here. Knowing how to stress French words, when raising your voice can make you sound really French! 

A Korean cooking program where you can hear the chefs speaking French:

At last but not least, the Korean President Park Geun Hye. Politicians are usually better actors than professional actors 😉

President Park wins hands down, and we will wait long before a French President will speak Korean like this (because they need to learn English first). I hope France would make an effort like this to attract investors too, but it’s not. Actually, it’s obvious she didn’t write this speech and that her level is way lower that it looks like (it looks almost fluent, but I think she’s B2 maximum because it’s a good fake). But it’s really a good job. Koreans rock.

They all can do it! Fake it or make it, they all tried it hard! You can do it too!

Don't get fooled again!

"The most COMMON MISTAKES of French Learners!"

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